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We’re heading outside for our FITMOM Stroller Strength & FITWOMAN outdoor bootcamp classes starting Tuesday May 22nd, 2018.  Enjoy the amazing benefits of exercising outdoors.  Our popular FITMOM Stroller Strength classes incorporate your baby & your stroller in a fun, dynamic group fitness class.  Enjoy a class on the move all summer long!  FITWOMAN is a great option when you want to work without your baby/child; perfect for those who have returned to work!




About FITMOM Durham

FITMOM Durham specializes in prenatal & postpartum fitness.  Popular classes include FITMOM2Be, FITMOM+Baby, FITMOM StrollerStrength and FITWOMAN classes. FITMOM Durham classes provide an encouraging and supportive environment where new moms and moms to be receive information and resources to support them through pregnancy, early parenting and beyond.

Using your stroller for a cardio & strength workout

When Jakob & Ben were babies walking was a very big component of my workout routine.  It was convenient, cost effective and most importantly, got us out of the house for some fresh air. Walking with a stroller also creates resistance and increases the intensity of a...

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Outdoor Classes- FAQs

It's time! All of the FITMOM Durham classes are moving outside to the parks effective May 22nd, 2018! Here are few things you might want to know... What Should I Bring? For You: Water A towel, mat or blanket for "floor" work A jacket for rain A hat Sunscreen Bug spray...

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