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Spring weather is just around the corner and I couldn’t be more excited.  Our popular outdoor FITMOM Stroller Strength classes are the best way to combine fitness & friendship while enjoying great weather.  Make sure you get all the information about our upcoming spring schedule, class locations and promos by signing up for the Newsletter!  Stay tuned for more information in the coming weeks 🙂

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About FITMOM Durham

FITMOM Durham specializes in prenatal & postpartum fitness.  Popular classes include FITMOM2Be, FITMOM+Baby, FITMOM StrollerStrength and FITWOMAN classes. FITMOM Durham classes provide an encouraging and supportive environment where new moms and moms to be receive information and resources to support them through pregnancy, early parenting and beyond.

Join me for a fun run! The 5k Diva Dash in Toronto June 10th 2018

A few years ago a group of amazing women got together to run the 10k Oasis zoo run.  It was an ambitious goal for many (myself included).  We met weekly to train and had so much fun as we prepared ourselves physically and mentally to meet our personal goals. This June...

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FITMOM Durham’s 5 Tips for a healthy & active 2018!

As we approach the end of another year, we often will reflect on how our year has gone and start plans for making our next year even better, especially as it relates to our activity levels. Whatever your own goals may be, you’ll need a solid plan to reach them! Here...

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Yoga for strength & injury prevention

This week I thought I would share a few stretches that keep me limber and strong. Yoga in particular is known to increase flexibility, agility and strength.  A regular practice will also improve muscular imbalances, prevent overuse injuries and help to keep you active...

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