At FITMOM, we’ve named November MAMA Month (Motherhood and Mental Health Awareness) because this is the month where we change the clocks, the weather is getting colder and the days are getting shorter. All of these things lead to a higher instance of depression, anxiety and mood disorders, especially in the post partum period.

It’s been proven that exercise is one of the best ways to help improve our mental wellness. We’d like to take it a step further and encourage you to exercise with your baby! And here’s why…

You’ll have more time for exercise when you involve your baby in the experience- After the birth of a baby, many women struggle with the real challenges of time management and self-care, especially as it relates to regular exercise. Instead of perceiving your baby as an obstacle to overcome as you try to squeeze in exercise, try looking for ways to incorporate them into your routine.

Exercising with your baby teaches them about healthy lifestyle and active living from a very early age. Babies enjoy the gentle movements of walking, dancing and lunges. As they grow, they begin to mimic your movements and will squat, plank and fly like a supermom, just like you.

Exercise programs that incorporate your baby helps support their development & enhance their physical development. Moving alongside and with you helps your baby improve their own perception of their body. Movement also stimulates their neurological and motor development. Exploring the world through touch & movement is a baby’s natural inclination.

Baby wearing is a fantastic way to begin a new routine of exercising with your baby. Squats, lunges and walking are low-impact and strength building exercises that will keep you strong as your baby grows. The bonus is that you’ll both engage in some wonderful bonding time!

Whether you engage in 5 minutes of movement with baby on the floor, a walk in the park or a more structured mom & baby fitness program, the benefits of exercising with your baby are endless!

Jen is amazing! So full of energy and makes every class a party. She is great at helping babies who may need some extra love in class and makes working out fun. Great workout and welcoming space to meet other moms!

Facebook Review- Tori

If you’re new to FITMOM you can take advantage of our 3 Class-Intro Pass for $25+hst. This is a great way to experience the FITMOM+Baby classes. We can’t wait for you to #jointhemotherhood

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