We’ve always known the benefits that resistance training has on improving muscle strength and endurance, however, the weight training room can often be intimidating for new workout enthusiasts.

New research by Dr Stewart Phillips at McMaster University in Hamilton had some exciting and reassuring findings when it comes to adding weight training to your workout plan. According to his findings lifting lighter weights can be as beneficial as lifting heavier weights with fewer reputations. The key to taking advantage of lifting lighter is to perform the repetitions to fatigue. We’ve been working with this model at all of our FITMOM+ Baby and FITWOMAN classes for many years so it’s wonderful to see the research back up this type of training (especially as we see the growth of cross-fit and power lifting)!

The next time you’re in class, or doing your own home workout, remember to select a weight that is challenging enough that by the time you finish the set you couldn’t continue without a break. As soon as you begin to lose proper form and technique you should stop, rest and recover! There’s no advantages to performing any exercise (with weight, or not) without proper form 🙂

Happy Lifting!

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