FITMOM Durham has been offering classes for 8 years across Durham Region.  During this time I’ve had the opportunity to meet hundreds and hundreds of women and families in our communities. And, it’s this community of mothers that really makes our FITMOM classes special. Without their love, support and belief in FITMOM programs, classes and services wouldn’t be what they are today.

This month I am pleased to introduce you to long time FITMOM member, Teri!  She has experienced all of the programs that we offer since we began our programs in 2010.  Read on to learn about her experience and what keeps her coming back to FITMOM.

Q:Which FITMOM are you?

FITWOMAN (who regularly attends FITMOM+Baby classes 😉)

Q:When did you start FITMOM?

I started FITMOM with my second son Cody 8 years ago, pretty much right after it opened!

Q:What keeps you coming back?

I love Jen’s upbeat classes and there’s always something new.  Whether it be a new move, song or flexible locations!  Jen’s super awesome at accommodating exercises to meet any work out level and still remain challenging.  She is incredibly knowledgeable in all areas of fitness during pregnancy and post partum care.  Jen also has great resources (i.e. breastfeeding consultants, sleep specialists, etc.)  Her classes are also a great way to meet other moms.

Q:What is your favourite FITMOM class?

I loved FITMOM+Baby when my boys were babies.  It was a wonderful way to get out of the house, meet moms and stay fit.  While pregnant, I benefited a great deal from FITMOM2BE with my third son.  I wish I had taken advantage of those classes with my first two!  FITWOMAN is awesome too so I’d have to say I love them all!

Q:What’s the exercise you love to hate?

I love to hate lunges!!! Oh ya, and step ups!!!  I can’t bend over the next day but they are worth it in the end 😉

Q:What’s the biggest benefit you’ve received from attending FITMOM Classes?

My biggest benefit has been tri-fold.  When I was working out with my babies, it was a sense of community and acceptance.  When I was working out pregnant, it was increased stamina and confidence for labour.  Now as a FITWOMAN, I am learning to set fitness goals and getting better sleep at night too.

Thank you so much for sharing your story & your FITMOM experience with us Teri!

Interested in joining us? Try our FITMOM+BABY 3 Class Intro Pass.

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