Happy New Year!

I am super excited to be back to my normal routine and to visit with all the amazing & beautiful faces that join me for our weekly class schedule.

For the next few weeks I am going to release a short & effective workout that is suitable for all of our members to enjoy.  Welcome to FITMOM W.O.W! (Workout Of The Week).  I wanted to do more to support you and your journey to being more active, fit & strong.  Based on lots of feedback from current members, video workouts are the most requested items.  Each video I share will be short & sweet, require little to no equipment and can be done in a small space.

These videos can be used as a supplementary workout you can do when you can’t make it to class or for those who are ready to commit to more.

Remember to warm up for 3-5 minutes before starting.  If you are currently expecting, you are encouraged to spend more time during the warm-up phase of your exercise routine.  This will allow for a gradual increase in heart rate, increased circulation to your muscles, ligaments and tendons which will reduce the risk of injury.  Spend some time doing full body moments (march on the spot, ankle rotations, shoulder rolls, standing cat/cow etc) to target the entire body.  Even if you’re not pregnant, it’s important to follow a good warm-up before you get in to the work phase of your workout 🙂

This workout is set up as a timed circuit (performing each movement for the suggested time frame).  If you are new to exercise or a FITMOM2Be you might prefer to focus on repetitions instead and move at a slow & controlled pace.  It’s recommended that those who are new to exercise or pregnant focus on 8-16 repetitions and 2-3 sets.

I hope you enjoy it!

Happy Monday! Here’s to getting things off on the right foot! A quick and effective workout. Remember to warm up for a few minutes before starting. This exercise is designed to be completed in a circuit and repeated 3 times. It will take about 15 minutes. Use a light- medium set of weights (or no weight at all). This workout is suitable for our Fitmom2BE members too! Instead of using the timer you can also do each exercise for a certain number of reps. (8-12 recommend for beginners)#jointhemotherhood#whichfitmomareyou

Posted by Fitmom Durham on Monday, January 14, 2019


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