For more than a decade, FITMOM Durham has been offering classes to pregnant women and new moms, guiding them through their fitness journey during their child bearing years, contributing to their overall feeling of wellbeing and providing them with a space where they can feel welcomed and find their community.

If you’re curious about how FITMOM Durham supports women after having babies, we’ve put together a list for you:

By helping you stay active and fit

Your health is so important in the days leading up to the birth of your child as well as in those weeks, months, and years after. When you are healthy enough post-partum to take up exercise and fitness again, FITMOM Durham is here to welcome you. We offer classes for post-natal women, where you can ease back into fitness at your own pace and include modifications for many of the post-natal issues that arise once you’ve had your baby. Mom and baby fitness classes are the perfect way to bond with your baby, take care of your own health and meet other moms in the community. Through our classes, you can focus on your health and ensure you are maintaining an active lifestyle in a comfortable environment, even if you are feeling self conscious and unsure. 

Being active has the added benefit of helping with postpartum depression and helping you sleep better as well, two things that new moms often struggle with!

By helping you build your strength

Our focus on fitness isn’t just about helping you lose the baby weight or getting back to your pre-baby body. We focus on building stamina, endurance, strength and balance. Moms need to be strong to carry around babies AND all of their gear! After months of pregnancy, followed by birth and labour, we know how exhausted and physically depleted your body may be. Often, new moms enter their post-partum period with muscular imbalances that begin during pregnancy. We help you build your strength back up and address these imbalances so that you’re strong and able to take on your next challenge. 

By creating a welcoming community

We love the connections that are made in our classes. Sometimes, the moms in our class talk about sleep habits or their baby’s feeding routines. Sometimes, they talk about their own physical changes or have questions about their bodies, before, during and after pregnancy. There’s always a friendly face in class and you don’t have to worry about leaving baby at home to go for your workout, since babies (and toddlers or preschoolers) are always welcome in FITMOM classes. Mom and baby classes are a really great way to meet other moms who are at a similar stage in life and who may also live in your community. As the years go on, we always see friendships forming, and we know playdates are being arranged behind the scenes, and sometimes, eventually, new mom friends make plans to go to evening classes with each other instead of their babies. It’s a way to get out of the house and connect with others in a meaningful, welcoming way. No pressure. No judgement. 

By helping you feel better about your overall wellbeing 

Whether you come for fitness, to regain your strength or to connect with other moms and build a community of friends and acquaintances in the same stage of life as you are, there is no wrong reason to join a FITMOM class. Sometimes, focusing on yourself, when you are caring for a new baby, is the last thing on your to-do list. We get it. But, we want you help you begin to prioritize your own health, so that you can set yourself up for living a healthy life in the long term. 

These are some of the reasons we want you to remember to focus on your own self-care, your personal goals and how it makes you feel when you’re taking care of your entire body, mind and spirit. We’ve always found that spending a few hours a week focused on our own well being goes a long way to helping us be better caregivers for our entire family!

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