Are you a mom with a new baby and you want to feel fit again? FITMOM Durham classes are a great way to get out of the house, get some exercise and make new friends. An encouraging and supportive environment means that you can work out at your own pace AND tend to your baby when needed. Babies are often fed, soothed or changed during class in between mom’s exercises!



Our outdoor FITMOM Stroller Strength class is designed to help you get fit, improve your strength and develop your core. We complete circuits designed to accommodate all fitness levels, so that you can work at your own pace, while building strength, stamina and lean muscle mass – perfect for burning fat. At FITMOM Stroller Strength, we’re not just pushing strollers, we’re using benches, hills, stairs and our own body weight to add variety to our workouts and make it more FUN for mom!

CURRENT SCHEDULE (September 7th- October 6th)

Tuesday 10:15am @ Ajax Waterfront

Wednesday 10:15 am @ Lakeview Park Oshawa

Thursday 10:15 am @ Ajax Waterfront

Friday 10:15am @ Lakeview Park Oshawa

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The FITMOM+ Baby Class is the most popular FITMOM indoor class! Shape and sculpt your body using your baby to provide added weight resistance. Each class is a full body workout designed to improve your core strength, burn fat and build muscle. You can expect to see longer, leaner arms, toned and shapely legs and smaller waistlines. Exercise without the guilt, meet other moms in your community and have FUN!

Please bring a structured carrier or wrap to this class.  Your baby will love snuggling with you while you wear him in your baby carrier and you will love the extra resistance that wearing your baby provides!

This class is suitable for mom’s +babies 6weeks+

(We welcome crawlers, walkers and tots)

CURRENT SCHEDULE (Effective October 10th 2017)

Tuesdays 10:30am @ Ultimate Cheer Pickering (Bayly & Liverpool)

Wednesdays 11:30 @ Extensions Dance Co. Oshawa (Bloor & Stevenson)

Thursdays 11:30 @ Ultimate Cheer Pickering (Bayly & Liverpool)

Fridays 10:30 @ Extensions Dance Co. Oshawa (Bloor & Stevenson)

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I absolutely LOVED attending your FITMOM Classes.  I have been taking your classes before Alexandria was born (FITMOM2Be) and I started your fabulous classes when she was 6 weeks old (she’s almost 10 months now).  THANK YOU for all of your advice and guidance.  I think your classes are wonderful and I look forward to taking them when I have my next baby.

Allison & Alexandria- FITMOM2Be/FITMOM+Baby Oshawa

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