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We’ve moved all of our classes outdoors.  The weather is warming up, the sun is shining and we are ready to roll!  Purchase your 8 class pass and join us for our FITMOM StrollerStrength or FITWOMAN classes.  You can start classes anytime, no need to wait for session dates. We welcome new members all the time! #jointhemotherhood #whichfitmomareyou



About FITMOM Durham

FITMOM Durham specializes in prenatal & postpartum fitness.  Popular classes include FITMOM2Be, FITMOM+Baby, FITMOM StrollerStrength and FITWOMAN classes. FITMOM Durham classes provide an encouraging and supportive environment where new moms and moms to be receive information and resources to support them through pregnancy, early parenting and beyond.

Healthy FITMOM, Nourished FITMOM

When my boys were younger eating well was not always easy.  Between diaper changes, spit up and playing Batman (I was Alfred); cooking a complicated dinner was not in the cards.  What my family needed were quick, simple (easy) and delicious recipes.  Now that the boys...

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2017 Outdoor Schedule

Are you looking forward to getting outside? Our outdoor new schedule starts Tuesday May 23rd 2017!   Our outdoor summer classes are just what you need to keep you motivated all summer long.  Our very popular FITMOM StrollerStrength classes are designed to help...

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Babywearing Dance Party! Join us this April 🙂

Dance parties are a pretty common occurrence in my life.  I often break out in dance when I hear my favourite song on the radio, or when I need to take a mental break from working on a certain tasks.  When my boys were little, I used to dance to entertain and play...

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