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Fall is a great time to reset and settle into healthy habits.


Whether you’re new to fitness, or an athlete, our classes have something for everyone.  


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Then choose the class that best works for you!  Our popular FITMOM Stroller Strength will continue until Friday October 11th, after Thanksgiving the class will be replaced with FITMOM+Baby same days & times at our indoor studios.


  • FITMOM+Baby
  • FITMOM Stroller Strength



Did you know that you can start your FITMOM experience at any time?  We offer rolling admissions, so you can start your fitness journey when You are ready!  Learn how to safely exercise during pregnancy, early postpartum and beyond.  #whichfitmomareyou 









About FITMOM Durham

FITMOM Durham specializes in prenatal & postpartum fitness.  Popular classes include FITMOM2Be, FITMOM+Baby, FITMOM StrollerStrength and FITWOMAN classes. FITMOM Durham classes provide an encouraging and supportive environment where new moms and moms to be receive information and resources to support them through pregnancy, early parenting and beyond.  Our community is waiting for you!  Can’t wait to have you #jointhemotherhood

A Mommy Minute: FITMOM’s Sanity Savers

Synonyms for Mother: Parent, Source, Attend, Nurse, Nurture, Protect, Provide for, Accommodate, Nourish, Oblige, Raise, Rear, Shelter, Sustain. Being a mother is all encompassing. We can feel lost and found, overwhelmed and pulled together, all at the same time. Some...

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FITMOM Member Spotlight: Meet Teri

FITMOM Durham has been offering classes for 8 years across Durham Region.  During this time I've had the opportunity to meet hundreds and hundreds of women and families in our communities. And, it's this community of mothers that really makes our FITMOM classes...

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