At FITMOM we pride ourselves on our postpartum protocol that gets women back to their more advanced workouts without incident and injury free.

Before progressing to more advanced or higher impact exercises we strongly encourage everyone to meet the following benchmarks:

-Follow our Core Restore Protocols to ensure proper core function. Complete a self-assessment for abdominal separation and learn how to engage your core properly, building a strong foundation before progressing into abdominal exercises that may not be appropriate for you.

-Complete a minimum of 4 weeks of FITMOM focused strength training.

-Have a full assessment with a pelvic floor therapist who gives you an all clear to resume higher impact exercises because you have the strength to do so.

-We encourage our members to be at least 6 months postpartum before progressing into higher impact exercises. The pregnancy hormone relaxin, which is responsible for softening ligaments and joints in preparation for labour, is still present up to 5 months postpartum, and sometimes longer for breastfeeding women. Resuming higher impact activities too early can increase the risk of injury due to lack of joint stability and increased pressure/stress on the pelvic floor and abdominal wall.

It is very easy to write off these recommendations and go full steam ahead, especially if you are not experiencing any negative symptoms. However, just because you are not symptomatic doesn’t mean it won’t cause an issue further down the line, which in the long term can derail your recovery and reduce activity levels.

Remember, these guidelines are minimums. Many, if not most, women need more time. This does not mean you can not have challenging workouts, you can, but they should be tailored for your well being and long term health.


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